We Had Another House Concert

We had so much fun at our house concert yesterday. We had about 30 wonderful folks who shared the music we’ve been playing with lately.

Kiley sang two of her songs, and for our last number, Kiley and Simon joined us for an a cappella version of I Got Rhythm.

There are some photos from the concert at the "Photos" link to the left.

Here's video of the I Got Rhythm:

House Concert

Well, we've finally gotten our act together, so we're doing a house concert...

We're on YouTube

Lisa McVicker shot some great video of the CD Release party, and once Dave got the audio editing and mixing of one of the songs done (why 10 months? it's a long story), Lisa put it all together and put it on YouTube:


CD Release party

We spent the whole day before the party running backup parts with Karla (Dawn's sister), Salem (our 26-year-old daughter), Casey (our 28-year-old son), and Danya (a family friend with an extensive musical career of her own).  Dave's voice was almost completely gone, so we taught Casey and Karla all of his vocal parts.

We had an audience of about 50 (the top end of what we were hoping for).  We had bass, drums, sax, violin, and cello helping throughout the evening...

Radio Interview on KGNU

We had the wonderful opportunity to join Mahlia Lindquist...

March 25th House Concert

We did the house concert yesterday, and it went well...

reflections on March 7th gig at Unity of Boulder

So, our March 7th gig at Unity of Boulder went quite well...

CD update

So, this marketing stuff has never been our strength...

Doing Music Again

Well, after over 10 years and two more children...

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