Find Your Way Back Home CD

Moon Come 'Round Again

Dawn and Dave Kimble
David M. Kimble


This is a tribute to the rhythm of the dance that men and women share.


Close the window, bar the door, the moon come ‘round again. No more the bane of all existence, I’m now more like a long, lost friend. I must admit to some anticipation. You don’t know how long it’s been. So close the window, bar the door, the moon come ‘round again. Sometimes a crescent wrench can’t save me, or chasing down bumps in the night. I once was cute and brave and smart. Now I can’t do anything right. What kind of system set things up with the scales of desire so skewed? Between testosterone and estrogen, testosterone is screwed -- or not... Close the window... Oysters are out, she’s vegetarian. Forget Viagra, it doesn’t last. And I’ve thought of slipping her some steroids, but then she’d prob’ly kick my ass. It seems the only aphrodisiac that ever really can deliver Is when the big ole full moon shines down on that great hormonal river. Ah yes… Close the window... Now, whether there’s a powerful magician living up beyond the sky, Or whether it’s Darwin helps us understand why we try and try and try, It makes no never mind at all. You see, I’ll tell you why: As long as that great Diana dances on, As long as that moon keeps on to fly. You know… If there’d been a new moon in the garden, that serpent wouldn’t o' had a prayer. There’s no way in hell an apple would have gotten him anywhere. You see, there’s no magic potion, or strong elixir with power so profound As when that certain time of that loony lunar cycle comes around. Close the window...
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