Find Your Way Back Home CD


Dawn and Dave Kimble
David M. Kimble


This song takes on the logical flaw that "someday" has any value.


Someday's always just around the corner. Someday never knocks upon your door. Someday never visits you at tea time. But you're convinced you need to wait a little more. Someday never shows up on your back porch. Someday never calls you on the phone. You can wait for it forever, it's the day right after never, Someday's a place that time can't ever go. You always wanted to write poetry, But long ago somebody told you yours was dumb. And some part of you laid buried deep believed that it was true. And the spark of muse inside of you went numb. Still, every now and then you feel the urge. But with your schedule it’s so hard to find the time. So you make yourself a promise that you doubt you will fulfill, That someday you’ll return to words and rhyme. Someday's always... You know your current job is killing you With all the hours and all the energy it takes. It seems your life is nothing more than eating, sleeping, work. And you dare not think how little sense it makes. But, periodically, you glimpse the dream That you can have your life, and still afford to eat. So, with your best determination, you insist that someday soon You’ll finally get the nerve to hit the street. Somedays always... Now it's just fine to make your future plans. And it makes sense to plant your seeds and push your plow. But, if you lose today in hopes of some tomorrow still unseen, You've forgotten that the only time is now. Somedays always...
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