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Dawn and Dave: Music


(Dawn and Dave)
February 24, 2015
Dawn Kimble
Where'd you go, my dear?
I always thought I'd find you here.
But you went away
And you're not comin' back. No, no, no.
There's just an empty place inside.
The fire you ignited was warm, wondrous, and bright. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Who are you anyway?
A rising wave, a radiant light?
You flash within.
Dissolve the walls. Oh, yeah.
You open up the gates inside.
What form will you take now,
You rascal, you shapeshifting one?
You shapeshifter!

I'm trackin' you.
I caught your scent.
You slipped right through
Before I knew what you meant.
You open all my senses,
Destroy all my defenses.
How did you get into my heart?
I feel you, Shapeshifter.
Are you shaping me?


I'm trackin' you...(repeat)

Now, you're here, my dear.
You show up always, everywhere.
Since you're here to stay,
Come on, baby, let's play...