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Christmas Lullaby

Dawn and Dave
David M. Kimble


There's a lot about Christmas I didn't like very much, but as a parent I could definitely relate to the story of a mother and her new-born child.

This song is inspired by the realization that every mother is Mary, and every baby is a miracle.


Baby, sleep. Ox and sheep, watch will keep your slumbering.

They can sense the magic that's gathered for your birth.

Close your eyes. If I cry, it's just that I am wondering,

what it means to my life that you're here on the earth.


Who am I? And why was I selected for this task?

Give my baby to the world -- that's a lot to ask.


Child divine, as if a sign, a star is shining over us.

The night sky is so hopeful to have you in this place.

Snuggle tight, from the night. That special light watches over us.

Your mother's heart is lifted to watch your lovely face.


I know you'll change the world. You'll be a paragon, sublime.

But the troubled world can wait, and for now you're mine.


Baby sleep...

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