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Dawn and Dave
Salem Kimble


This song was written by our older daughter, Salem (it's also on her CD, Move On). She first performed it in 2010 at our CD (Find Your Way Back Home) release party. Over the years, it's become an important touchstone for me. It feels like my inner wisdom speaking to me through my daughter, a reminder to rest here at the still point even as we take the ride. I hope you enjoy it, too. With deep gratitude to Salem....


Here is where I find myself. Glancing down the road that's behind, noticing all of the things that aligned, no moment was ever wasted to get me here where I find myself. Water flows and dreams show nothing here is permanent. Yet, when I open my eyes, I see it is so evident everything is heaven-sent, and we find it here. Here, where we find ourselves. A planet spins and a child grins and it's nothing you can quantify. Yet, in the beat of a heart, it's clear Life, itself, is whizzing by! Step aboard and take the ride to deliver you... here where you find yourself. Whispering up from the cracks in the road, telling me trust is the best way to go, holding me close now at every turn, teaching me slowly to learn. All I imagine is one breath away just waiting for me to finally say, Here is where I find myself.
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