March 25th House Concert

We did the house concert yesterday, and it went well.

Dawn's parents invited about 20 of their friends, pulled out the (newly tuned) upright piano, and we did about an hour of music.

Considering there was no sound system, the piano was an upright, and the median age of the audience was probably about 70, it went great.  They were very kind and responsive.

And we sold 3 CDs -- again!

So, think about this: 20 people, most of whom *already* possessed a copy of the CD, and we still sold 3 CDs.

This is equal to the number we sold to the 600 people at Unity of Boulder, none of whom had the CD!

Now, maybe my mistake is to think that the sales should be proportional to the size of the audience.  Maybe our sales will forever be a constant 3, regardless of the size of the audience.  This would mean that we'd actually have to play the Hollywood Bowl over 300 times to sell out the first run.  That strikes me as improbable, so I'm hoping I'm wrong here...

In any case, we sure enjoy doing music, so next up, the CD release party!

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