reflections on March 7th gig at Unity of Boulder

So, our March 7th gig at Unity of Boulder went quite well.

The way they do it is that they invite visiting musicians in every week, give a slot to do one song, then let the artist set up a table to sell their music after the service.

Our music isn't really church music, but the folks at that church have a pretty expansive view of what belongs in church, so it felt like we were able to connect pretty well with the music, and the response was very good. The kind words of the folks guiding things were particularly warm and supportive.

For the two services, I'm guessing there were around 600 people total.

So, 600 people, great response, and, we sold... 3 CDs -- 3 CDs!

At this rate, to sell our first run of CDs, we'd have to fill the Hollywood Bowl:

-- over 11 times!

We're not in this to sell CDs, but it's hard to avoid the feeling that whether or not someone purchases the CD is a more honest review of the music than the level of enthusiasm of the applause.

Of course, that raises the question of why we're doing music in the first place.  If it's really being offered as a gift (as we contend), then selling CDs *should* be a minor footnote.  I guess we've got some work to do on that front.

Our next gig is a small house concert in Florida on March 25.

For now, the Hollywood Bowl will have to wait...

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