From the recording Language of the Heart


<address>We made our warm bed out of blankets in the meadow way up high.</address><address>You took off your dress in the moonlight, to sleep beneath the sky.</address><address>Your touch was a warm summer ocean.</address><address>Your kiss made the whole mountain fly.</address><address>And you looked deep within me and smiled at the tears in my eyes.</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>You can say that you always were honest,</address><address>And your words were clear from the start,</address><address>But it's more than just words that got spoken,</address><address>There was language of the heart.</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>I won't keep on calling your number if you never have the time.</address><address>I don't want to claim you, or blame you, but you're always on my mind.</address><address>You had no idea I would love you. It comes as a total surprise.</address><address>And you shake your head slowly and smile at the tears in my eyes.</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>And you can say...&nbsp;</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>Your eyes like an ocean of clear sunlit green,</address><address>My eyes with the salt water washing me clean....again.</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>Imagine you whispered a secret that could take away my blues.</address><address>And you let me believe it to please me, though it just wasn't true.</address><address>You just meant to share with me pleasure, and you're gifted at what you do.</address><address>But you're speaking an unspoken language, I thought that you knew.</address><address>It's one that we all learn by heart, and our hearts think it's true</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>And you can say...&nbsp;</address>