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  1. Angel

From the recording Angel

This is a song (from personal experience) about how hard it is to remember the magic that children are.



Little child, so full of life, dragged along he's got no choice,
Bored silly by a man who likes to hear his own voice.

So the boy slides down and off the pew,
Crawls beneath, behind, for a diff'rent view.
He wants to show his mom what he can do,

Only, momma can't see the angel.
All she sees is that he's doing something wrong.
Momma can't see the angel
'Til he's all grown up and gone.

Daddy sits, hands on the keys, you know piano was his dream.
But in his crazy, busy life can't find the time like it would seem.

He works so hard to let his music flow.
His little girl, she wants to join the show.
She pounds a chord, sings out, her face aglow.

Only, daddy can't see the angel.
All he sees is that she's doing something wrong.
Daddy can't see the angel
'Til she's all grown up and gone.

You know a parent's job is hard, a tiny life trusted to you.
But just remember long ago, we all were tiny angels too.

Don't beat yourself up with each new mistake.
You gotta try to give yourself a break.
And for your own and for the angel's sake, please:

Struggle to see the angel.
Though it's been hard since the whole damn thing began.
Struggle to see the angel,
And know you're doing the best you can.