From the recording My Blue Suitcase

This is a song about a woman who realizes it's time to go.



I don't know what you want from me,
But I'm starting to see it can't be given.
If I spend all my life trying to make you happy,
Well, that's not really livin'.

Problem is that I've loved you since the day I first saw you,
But I can't take the pain anymore.
So I'm packin' up My Blue Suitcase,
And I'm shufflin' out the door

You work so hard for your misery,
It'd be a shame for me to deprive you of it.
I've known a lot of folks with a lot of sufferin',
But you're the first I've seen that really seems to love it.

Problem is that...

You've got a hole in your self-esteem that I can't begin to fill.
You've got a rough road 'til you get over that hill.
Hope you will, but still...

Misery loves company, but it's a love that's unrequited.
All I can do with my feeling for you is use all my strength to fight it.

Problem is that...