From the recording Silence Before the Storm

This is a song about a young girl, not unlike young daughter...



She is young and free with time to wander on the shore.
How I wish that it were me, but I can't do that anymore.
I hurry on, no time to heal.
She walks along the beach to feel
The silence before the storm.

So filled with wonder, she kneels to touch the sand.
She can't hear the distant thunder, she's molding castles with her hand.
The angry clouds, the powerful sea,
The winds, they struggle to break free.
But there is silence before the storm.

Her hands are swift and learned beings building towers to the sky.
The grains of sand are given meaning, she doesn't seem to need to try.
The rain begins, she homeward runs.
It seems that now, the end has come
To the silence before the storm.

She breathes a fog against the glass, a simple pain pulls at my heart,
That as the rain and lightning pass, her sandy kingdom falls apart.
But in her eye no tear has been.
She's waiting there to feel again
The silence before the storm.