1. Absent

From the recording Absent

A song about a love that just won't fade, even when separated by time and space.



You've been absent from my life for years,
yet you linger in my mind.
I can't believe that you won't leave my heart.

Yet I haven't cried a thousand tears.
It's not a love of that kind.
There's just an empty ache that we're apart.

And I know that it makes no sense.
But it makes no difference
Love plays by it's own rules.
And I know that this is only
a fool's heart being lonely.
Well, count me among the fools --
one of love's lost and lonely fools.

So I try a million clever ways
to think of something else.
But my heart has seen it all before.

'Cause it only takes a word, a phrase,
and I'm lost inside myself.
With your memory, with your allure.

And I know...